Mastering the Art of “Internal Competition”

Coaching Ourselves Out of Frustration So We Can Perform Like Connor McDavid, Kawhi Leonard, Tom Brady, and Tiger Woods Read time: 17 minutes (if you read as slow as i do) 0% Whatever you’re passionate about, the reality is that the majority of your time is spent practicing. Then there’s a small chunk of timeContinue reading “Mastering the Art of “Internal Competition””

How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think of Your Art

Lessons Learned From a Self-Conscious Creative Read time: 10 minutes (its going to feel like forever though) Art by: Sara-Jane Scholfield 0%… I grew up convinced that if I didn’t become a professional athlete, I would die. I then swapped my hockey gloves for a pair of drumsticks and majored in music throughout university. IContinue reading “How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think of Your Art”

How to “Fertilize” Your Mental-Health in COVID Quarantine

Three psychological “nutrients” that keep our minds healthy Read time: 9 minutes 0%… While we’re all currently stuck at home and being bombarded with information on how to protect our physical bodies from harm, I have a growing concern that people aren’t quite equipped with the proper information on how to protect their mental-health duringContinue reading “How to “Fertilize” Your Mental-Health in COVID Quarantine”

11 Weird Ways to Make Life More Beautiful

Life Advice from Kobe Bryant and A Case For Creativity Read Time: 15 Mintues (6.5 pages on word at 12 point font) Art by: Falyn Monique @fal_in_muse 0%… Remember when you were a kid and the most common question was “If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?” My imaginationContinue reading “11 Weird Ways to Make Life More Beautiful”

“Autonomy-Supportive Salad” Recipe

How recipes, imagining you’re a chameleon, and a little rocket science are the keys to true leadership. Read time: 13 minutes (hope you make it) Art by: Aryn Robidoux @art_by_aryn 10… I’ve always liked when TV shows give you a quick recap before the new episode. It helps me immerse myself back into the story.Continue reading ““Autonomy-Supportive Salad” Recipe”

Au·ton·o·my- Definitely Not the Definition In the Dictionary.

Blindfolded race-car rides and the 3 control traps. Read time: 7 minutes (again) Art by: Natasha McGillion As discussed in my last article, there is an extreme importance on autonomy if we want to learn how to better “deal with people.” Whether you’re a coach, a parent, a teacher, or a manager, understanding the powerContinue reading “Au·ton·o·my- Definitely Not the Definition In the Dictionary.”

Manager is an Ambiguous Term for “Untrained Psychologist.”

What approaching a horse can teach us about leadership.  Read Time: 7 minutes (and i’m a slow reader) If you’re working towards a career in any field, if you want to be a professional of any kind, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be working with people. Whether they work for you or vice versa,Continue reading “Manager is an Ambiguous Term for “Untrained Psychologist.””